My Translations of Ancient Greek Texts

Ἁι τοῦ Κλεοφίλου μεταφράσεις

Marvin's translations St. Jerome (translated the Bible into Latin) — Jan Matsys, 1537

One thing that the majority of students of ancient languages do is the translation of various texts. I always try to translate texts in a natural manner, so that they are both close to the original text but also do not sound odd or strange in English. Each individual work’s page will have its chapters in separate .php files with both the original Greek and a transliteration.


The Didache — Διδαχή

An early Christian treatise.

Herodotus’ Histories — Ἱστορίαι Ἡροδότου (Book I)

A work written by the Father of History detailing, amongst other things, the Greco-Persian Wars.

The Greek New Testament

One of the holy books of Christianity in its original language.