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Alcibiades Being Taught by Socrates — 1776, François-André Vincent
Alcibiades Being Taught by Socrates — 1776, François-André Vincent

I bid you welcome! You have reached the Agora of ancient-greek.net, a small (but growing) corner of the Web; and I hope you enjoy your stay! The Agora is the hub of the page, from where you can begin your journey into the various topics; click the Agora button at the top left to return here.

This website — as its name may have already made you realise — contains countless pages regarding the Ancient Greek language and country.
It is not, however, entirely focussed on the Classical Period of Greece (a period spanning roughly 200 years between the fifth and fourth centuries BC), but rather anything Greek-related spanning from the Classical Period up until the Byzantine.
The website’s main focus is the Ancient Greek language, however, and the majority of the information you find here will be about the language. For a more detailed overview, I would highly recommend you visit the About page.

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About ancient-greek.net

If this is your first time visiting this website, I highly encourage you to read the about page to find out how to navigate it and what you might find on here.

Current projects

This page contains information about the projects I am currently spending my time on.


Links to helpful and interesting websites about Ancient Greek and other things I find interesting.


A page containing updates to my website and my projects; I recommend checking it regularly to see what’s new.

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On here you will find information regarding the books I physically own.

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On here you will find information regarding the books I own only virtually.

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The Presbyterium (The Council of Elders) contains information about old and ancient books that I own.

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Blog / Articles

Articles and general musings about the Greek language, analyses of texts and more.

Documents about the language

On the following page you will be presented with a couple of documents that I wrote about Ancient Greek (mostly grammar-related).

Why Ancient Greek?

Why study Ancient Greek?

Some details regarding what the reasons for my learning Ancient Greek — and ancient languages in general — are.

How to study Ancient Greek?

Some information about my method of learning the language.

What about Ancient Egyptian?

My reasons for abandoning my study of Ancient Egyptian and, instead, focussing on Ancient Greek.

My books

The Apocalypse of John: A Modern Translation

My own translation of the Revelation of John with illustrations and notes.

Texts and miscellaneous


This page contains various letters I have written in the language.


My attempts at translating various Ancient Greek texts.


This page contains vocabulary of various texts as plain .txt files.